Enjoy Pre-Conference Content!

A number of artists featured in the “Glitch is the Soul in the Machine Exhibition” have prepared advanced talks for your enjoyment: Caitlin and Misha: “Breaking Through to Participatory Experiences.” Cecilia Suhr: “Unpacking the “Broken Media” in an Intermedia Performance.” Autumn Brown: “Confronting Audience in Interactive Works.” Karen Krolak: “Aftermath: adventures in encoding the unnamed… Continue reading Enjoy Pre-Conference Content!

Navigating the iDMAa 2021 Website

Use the menu above to find links to our Conference Schedule (which has links to abstracts and supplementary materials), the Glitch is the Soul in the Machine exhibition website, and Registration information. The About link has information about Winona (local arts and culture, WSU, and community resources) , the Conference Team, Sponsors, and Nondiscrimination Policies. The Content link will contain links to supplementary… Continue reading Navigating the iDMAa 2021 Website

The iDMAa 2021 Conference

This year’s iDMAa Conference, Exhibition, and Workshop will be focused on the theme “Broken Media” and all that entails—Hacking, Cracking, Glitching, Bending, Dysfunction, Preservation, Remediation, Reform, Exploitation, Activism—all possible interpretations are under consideration! This year, we are especially interested in making the conference accessible and interesting for students. Our goal is an energetic experience that… Continue reading The iDMAa 2021 Conference