WSU Design Program


Your portal into the professional design network

A community of students gathering to grow as professional designers. AIGA Winona student groups offer aspiring professionals the opportunity to get involved, create community, and build leadership skills. AIGA Winona student group operates as part of the AIGA Minnesota chapter of the national AIGA the Professional Association for Design

Warrior Game Day Experience 2019

What we do

Design Projects

We do a variety of creative projects both as a group and as individuals. This allows members to use lab equipment and supples to learn while explore creative projects to further their designs in upper level classes.


Conferences are important in designer development, exposure and networking for your future. We help organize planning and fundraising to attend.Some we have attended in the past are: AIGA Design Conference, PRINT, and Design Camp,

Semester Potluck

Each semester we organize the All Design Potluck. This event is a way for designers from all classes to connect, enjoy good food, dress up, and celebrate their hard work from the semester. We design the theme, games, decorations and programing to create a great event.


Live sales allow us to see how successful our design solutions are. We can only guess how successful our designs are, until we apply them, we won't know. In the past we have sold at the Warrior Game Day Experience, local coffee shops, and online sales platforms.

Connect with us

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Executive Board

Our AIGA Winona Student Group Executive Board takes care of semester program planning, managing fundraising, and social media. Other positions are available if you are interested in joining. Please reach out today and start building your professional network! 



Social Media Manager 

Fundraising Chair