WSU Design Program


Available avenues of financial support for Design Students

WSU Foundation Scholarships

 The WSU Foundation will offer a number of scholarships to students majoring in the College of Liberal Arts and CLA departments. Apply through the WSU Foundation website by clicking the button below. Once you have been redirected to the website you will have a large number of different scholarships to choose from. 

Not all scholarships are awarded yearly; consult the appropriate department for guidelines)

Art & Design Department Scholarships

Art & Design Department awards are drawn from among the following scholarships:

  • Dorothy and Mo Weber,
  • Max Weber,
  • Thomas E. Mauszycki,
  • E. L. King,
  • Ruth SeverudFish,
  • Floretta Murray, and
  • Winona National Bank.

The Art & Design Faculty makes the awards on the basis of a portfolio review, which takes place in late March or early April of each year. Keep an eye on e-mail notifications in the Design Program’s Slack channel. 

Design Service-Learning Scholarship

The scholarship fund is envisioned to support service-learning and international exposure components of our design program as well as professional development by attending conferences. 

If funding permits each year, at least $250.00 would be awarded to students in support of attending professional conferences in design (AIGA MN Design Camp for third-year design students, AIGA Design Conference for fourth-year design students). Funding permitting at least $500.00 would be awarded to students participating in a faculty-led travel study program or study abroad program to complete the international exposure of the I–Design program. 

With the support of the WSU Foundation, a fund has been created: 30377 Design Service-Learning Scholarship. Clients, alumni, community, and industry leaders will be directed to, after selecting “other” in the Designation line and typing in Design Service-Learning Scholarship donations can be made.