WSU Design Program


Resources dedicated to current students in the Design Program

Program Application

Find application timeline, requirements, and tips for applying to the program no matter if you are I–Design or Graphic Design major.


Apply to scholarships to support you while pursuing your career. There are scholarships at the University, Departmental, and Program levels.

Professional Resources

Explore resources that set you up for your future professional career. The time to get ready for your future is now!


See internship requirements, application information, and resources. Develop skills and gain valuable experience that will set you ahead of your peers when you apply for your first job.


Get involved in the community and build professional skills. AIGA is your main professional organization no matter if you are a fresh or seasonal designer.

International Exposure

Strengthen your adaption to the current global design industry. Design is inclusive, diverse, and without borders. Discover your voice.

Student Work

See examples of our current students' work. Students make the Design Program and their creative work includes both solo and collaborative explorations.