WSU Design Program


Continue your creative journey with the Winona State Design Program

Two exceptional academic majors will prepare you for your career with in-depth knowledge-based, hands-on learning experiences, critical thinking skills, and communication skills.

Winona State offers excellent academics and amazing student life for an extraordinary value. On average, tuition costs about $7,500 for undergraduate students.

Using financial aid to pay for college is easier than you think. In fact, 80% of WSU students receive financial aid. Understand the financial aid process so you can make the best choice for your needs.

College can be tough on your mental health at the best of times and our services will help you cope with stress and anxiety as well as practice meditation and build resilience skills.

Though academics are important, you’ll have even more opportunities outside the classroom to build your skills and simply enjoy your time as part of the WSU community. We offer sports, theater, concerts, and art galleries. Students at WSU are offered the opportunity to connect with others who share your interests through student clubs and organizations.


The I–Design major provides students with up-to-date and adaptive design education. As the creative field continues to expand, the program will enable students to make use of the Design Thinking methodology and develop a creative identity.

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If you’re looking to finish your degree you’ve come to the right place. Our Adult Entry Program allows you to turn prior learning into credits and get personalized advising. 

Adult Entry Program

Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) allows you to take college-level credits that count towards high school credit. 

Winona State PSEO Program

Guest students can attend for one term and will need to complete a new registration agreement each term. 

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Winona State students who have not attended for one semester or more (summer excluded) are classified as “returning” students.

Returning students must complete a re-enrollment process

Through a state program, older adults can continue their lifelong learning at many Minnesota Colleges and Universities.

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