WSU Design Program


Find your voice and explore the world

Western Culture

An exploration of Western Art and Culture in a selected country, such as Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, The United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, or France. The intention is to foster an understanding of the relationship between American and Western European art, design and culture, including their histories, their specifics, and their influences upon each other. The visual culture (art and design) of the selected country is emphasized. Unique cultural traditions, as well as various cross-cultural contexts, are examined in each specific faculty-led study away program. Students also have the opportunity to visit local design studios and agencies and get hand-on experience how a professional setting looks like around the world. 

Eastern Culture

Exploration of Eastern Art and Culture in a selected country such as India, China, Japan or Tailand. The intention is to give students a broader understanding of Eastern culture through diverse experiences in metropolitan and mid-size industrial cities as well as rural areas. Students will gain a better understanding of ancient and modern Eastern fine arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, etc.), as well as folk and popular arts (crafts, traditional performance and film). Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with the local college art student on an on-site creative exhibition. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the questions you may be thinking about.

How much does it cost?

Program costs vary based on many factors (length, destination, etc.). The average cost of faculty-led programs is approximately $5,500 (including airfare). The average cost of Semester/Summer programs is $12,100 + airfare.

How do I find a program?

Go to to search your options.

How do I pay for it?

Financial aid may be applied and study abroad scholarships are available.

How do the credits count?

Many students take courses that fulfill major, minor, general education,or elective credits.